2012 | Come what may…

With all the research outcomes and theories, I seriously think  we should look into this more. I hope at the end the governments around the world will not go board the ‘Noah’s Ark in China’ —oops!— Too much info.

Anyways for those who do not understand or know what i am talking about, Youtube 2012 .

With strong conviction a number of scientist have concluded that there will be a major world wide catastrophe on 21 December 2012 which will cause a world wide extinction of species . Many christians do not believe it, this is because it is not biblical. I am not sure what i believe but what i do know is that science has proves of it claims.

OK! I know Jesus Christ said no one knew the second coming, not even the angles in heaven, I am very sure science was not talking about that.  Science and research has never predicted the second coming,  but they have  predicted claimatic desastors which as a matter of fact came to past, what science is talking about in 2012 is another prediction in climate. Many church folks dont believe this… yoooo!

We can embrace it and prepare for it, and have FAITH that it will not happen and that God is merciful OR we could brush it off as a thing of the scholars and face our FATE in 2012, December 21.

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