I was wondering if I could reinstall a package i have remove without the internet. Technically if u have installed it before then it should be in the repository.

so i did

sudo apt-get install –no-download “this is where u put the packages u want to reinstall”

this will install without downloading from the net. If its not working then synaptic have removed those packages perhaps over 30 days in the repo.

checking what you have in the downloaded repo.

cd /var/cache/apt/archives/

here u can check which packages exist.


Malarial or Typhoid / Doctor or Computer

Sometimes its ok to just diagnose yourself before u fine out what the doctors’ got to say. I had all this sick symptoms in the morning, when i got to the office i googled them together. Clearly the computer said I had Typhoid. Next day i go to the hospital took a test, everything was negative, the Doc suggested it could be malarial. I started getting some anti virus’. BOOOOM! In three days I went back to the hospital this time the test said i had Typhoid. THREE DAYS!!!! I could have CRUSHED!! HMMM! LISTEN people, google at home before you get to the hospital. With google you get a lot of doctors trying to help you and not just one freek!!!