Which is the most Correct Bible?

I was wandering which of the bible versions is the most correct. For sometime now people are coming out with other editions of the bible. I know the the bible was originally Hebrew, anyways What i also do know is that the first english edition was king james. As for this new editions coming out, so called simple and plain are only robing the rest of Gods children of the purity and authensity in the scriptures.


2 comments on “Which is the most Correct Bible?

  1. I for one believe the King James version to be the most correct of the ones we have today, though the original text would have been best had it not been lost. I think it is dangerous to try to translate and retranslate the oldest versions we have in existance of the bible as it leave too much up to biases, personal understanding and interpretations.
    But I think many who uses the King James version totally misinterprets what it says though as I find the King James version makes it clear that Jesus and the God he prays to are two different personages, and not the same. Otherwise it would not make sense of Jesus to sit on the right hand of God, talk to God or claim that none is good but God, and that God is mightier than him. So I do not believe in the trinity idea, but I believe the King James version to be the most reliable.

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